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    Bossier City

    Dr. Dirk Rainwater opened the Louisiana Family Medicine Clinic in Bossier City, Louisiana to be a full-service, primary care and urgent care clinic for your whole family. We offer same-day appointments and a concierge-type medicine to care for the needs of all ages. We accept all insurance providers.Dr. Rainwater takes an "ER approach" by handling everything from minor emergencies to chest pains. If a patient needs to be hospitalized or to see a specialist, we facilitate that, and afterward, we always try to get them in for a follow up to be sure all their preventative health needs are met.If you are looking for a doctor's office that operates with a personal touch and a friendly, family environment, Louisiana Family Medicine Clinic is here for you and all of your loved ones.

    Our 16,000 square foot clinic includes twenty patient rooms, two IV infusion rooms, two cardiac monitoring rooms, and a full service, in-house lab, which allows for immediate results on most tests.
    Another added benefit of our clinic is our digital X-ray room with certified X-ray technologists on staff. Additionally, all X-rays performed at our clinic our read by our radiologist group within 30 minutes of the X-ray being performed.
    For the benefit of our COPD and CHF patients, we have a full-time certified respiratory therapist on staff to assist our providers.

    Services We Provide


    Advanced Eye Exams

    Our non-mydriatic retinal cameras are patient-friendly, because they do not require bright lights or pupil dilation. The camera scans the retina to create 3D color images of the back of the eye, which are transmitted to a board-certified ophthalmologist to be interpreted the same day. This gives patients the comfort and convenience of having a simple, non-invasive test done right here in our clinic.


    In-Clinic CT Scanner

    For the convenience of our patients, our clinic is equipped with an ACR accredited GE LightSpeed VCT high image resolution 64-slice CT system. Now there is no need to send or transport patients to the hospital for a CT scan. Our scanner can provide detailed cross-sectional images and diagnostic information of nearly every part of the body. All scans are read daily by a Radiologist.



    Ultrasound studies do not use radiation to produce images. Ultrasound images are produced with the use of sound waves. Our GE S7 with XD Clear ultrasound unit is used to detect abnormalities of the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, spleen, bladder, major vessels, and small parts of the body. These abnormalities can be detected in adults as well as pediatric patients.


    Bone Density DEXA Scanner

    Our GE Lunar Prodigy performs DEXA scan to accurately and painlessly measure bone density. A DEXA scan is also effective in tracking the effects of treatment for osteoporosis and other conditions that cause bone loss. This test can assess an individual’s risk for developing fractures.

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      Flu Shots

    • Coordination of Care for Home Health, Hospice and Nursing Home Placement.

    • Certified Allergy Testing Site

    •  Every Monday and Tuesday, we offer our patients diabetic foot evaluations and treatments.

    • certified

      Member of the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners for CDL Physicals. National Registry #1487456579.

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      Family-run practice.

    Respiratory Therapy

    We have two full-time certified respiratory therapists on staff in our Bossier City clinic to assists our healthcare providers with management of our COPD, asthma and CHF patients. Having an RT in the clinic is another way that Louisiana Family Medicine Clinic provides for you in our comfortable and convenient family environment.

    In-Clinic Labs

    The Louisiana Family Medicine Clinic has a fully-functional clinical laboratory on-site to speed diagnosis and patient care. There is no need to send off for lab results.
    Our lab is COLA Accredited and equipped with an Abbott Cell-Dyn Emerald which runs complete blood counts, a Solana Influenza A+B Assay for influenza detection, and both a Beckman-Coulter AU-480 and a Beckman-Coulter Access for chemistry panels. 
    We also run H. Pylori, Pregnancy test, Occult Blood testing, Sed Rates, Urine microalbumin, and RSV testing, urine testing and on-site drug testing.

    • DME Services (TENS, Braces, Splints)

    • IV Therapy

    • Occupational Medicine

    • KidMed Services (Includ. Pediatric Vaccines)

    • Physicals (Job physicals, CDL physicals)

    • Nerve Conduction Testing

    • Osteoporosis Treatment

    • Joint Injections

    • Botox Injections

    • Wellness Exams

    • Medical Weight Loss Treatment

    • BMI Analysis

    Our Team

    • Andrew Shimmer photo

      James "Dax" Turner


      Dax started in 2005 as a BPCC paramedic graduate. He continued his education at Northwestern and received his Associates Degree in Nursing in 2008. He started his nursing career at Christus Schumpert in the Adult ICU. He then moved to Jacksonville, FL and furthered his nursing career at the University of Florida in Jacksonville, working as a charge nurse in SICU while continuing his education to obtain his Bachelor's Degree of Nursing from Chamberlain College of Nursing. He then became the manager of the Rapid Response/Code Blue Team, and went on to work on the Flex Team and alternated care in the ICU, Emergency Department, and Trauma Center.

      Dax furthered his education and obtained a Master's Degree of Nursing from Chamberlain with a focus on becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner, working in Respiratory, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine.

      He joined our practice in 2018.

      He is happily married with a set of beautiful twins (boy and girl). He has three "fur babies" and enjoys time with family, church, movies, and exercising.

    • Ann Maisner photo

      Dustin Howell


      Dustin is a graduate of LSU School of Allied Health, with over 12 years of experience in Emergency Medicine, licensed in Louisiana and Texas he's an NCCPA Board Certified PA and in an addition to his qualifications, he has training in Cardiology, Orthopedics, and Dermatology.
      He is a hobbyist Hot Air Balloon Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor.

    • Ann Maisner photo

      Andrew Aaron Gong


      Dr. Gong obtained a Bachelor's in Chemistry and Bachelor's in Biology from East Tennessee StateUniversity. He then went on to obtain his medical degree and residency training (Internal Medicine)from Meharry College of Medicine in Nashville, Tennessee. After residency, Or. Gong worked for theNashville/Davidson County COVID response team while also working at Lacy & Associates clinic. He laterventured into concierge medicine before making his home at Louisiana Family Medical Center. Dr. Gonghas been married for 18 % years and has 2 daughters and a son. He is an avid outdoorsman and foundedone of the largest outdoor sporting organizations in Tennessee in 2009, He is the recipient of numerousvolunteer and community outreach awards, including Volunteer of the Year, at his undergraduateuniversity and continues to be an advocate for the medically underserved. 
      He is excited to be a part ofthe Louisiana Family Medicine Clinic care team.

    Bossier City's Clinic

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